Video on how to quickly get your camera phone pictures into Evernote or Scrivener.

This is the easiest way I’ve found to get your pictures somewhere that you can store them for reference.

For me, that’s normally Evernote or Scrivener.

I put together a video about it. Or you can read the instructions below.

1. The fastest method is to use the Evernote phone application to take the picture. Then it automatically creates a note for it. And you can take multiple pictures that all go into one note. I’ve also found the app to work really well for shooting pictures of receipts and other documentation. Then I already have them stored into Evernote.

2. From Evernote, you can drag and drop the picture into the main writing area in Scrivener, or to the reference area in the Inspector portion of the screen.

3. If you just took a picture via the camera, then just go to wherever the picture is stored (this would be iPhoto if using an iPhone and a Mac), and drag it into Evernote, or Scrivener.

4. Here is a good post on referencing images in Scrivener. Many people prefer referencing photos instead of sticking them directly into the document. On really large documents the photos themselves can make the program sluggish.


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