Patrick and Marie are Omaha bound!

We’re excited to announce that Marie and I will after seven wonderful years in Duluth Minnesota, will be selling our house and moving to Omaha Nebraska!

Us on the North Shore!

Us on the North Shore!


Being within a couple hours of most of our relatives, and not having to suffer through six grueling months of winter were two of the big reasons it was time for a move, in addition to receiving an offer to run the website for Omaha-based Travelex Insurance Services.

Tall Ships Festival in Duluth, MN, summer of 2013.

Tall Ships Festival in Duluth, MN, summer of 2013.

How did we end up in Duluth? Good Question.


Yes, this is a snowblower removing snow from the sidewalk in front of our house. Yes, in Duluth, sidewalk snowblowers are an actual "thing."

Yes, this is a city snowblower removing snow from the sidewalk in front of our house. Yes, in Duluth, a city  snowblower with an enclosed cab that plows sidewalks is an actual thing. In early February, we had about five feet of snow piled up in our front yard.

For those that don’t know, we originally moved to Duluth, MN from the Chicago suburbs, so I could become the city government reporter at the Duluth News Tribune. That lasted a couple years before I was laid off. Following that, I worked for a Two Harbors digital agency called PureDriven, where I got my digital chops. Now, I’ll be heading up as its new ecommerce manager, and couldn’t be more thrilled!

Marie’s time working in Duluth

Marie has spent her entire time in Duluth working for Lutheran Social Service, where she catapulted up job titles from scheduler, to administrative assistant and data researcher, and finally chief grant writer.
She plans to do a lot of sunbathing with our cats Gracie and Jewel, and perhaps eventually get a job somewhere.

Tell anyone you know about our wonderful house for sale at 624 N. 19th Ave. E! It’s a block down the hill from Sara’s Table!


This was the coldest winter on record for Duluth, and the third snowiest!

This was the coldest winter on record for Duluth, and the third snowiest!


Click here to see pictures and a video tour of our house!

Finally, here’s a question I’d like everyone to answer in the comments below.

If you moved to another city and started a new job where no one knows anything about you, what’s one thing you’d do differently, or what’s one verse or philosophy you’d keep top of mind?

Make sure you memorize everyone’s name in your office?
Be careful to be quick to listen, and slow to speak?
Bring donuts for everyone?

I’d love to hear your one piece of advice for how to kick my new job off right.

Marie and I will continue to use the Google number 218-461-9655. The email and will also remain active. So you can always reach us there. All other phone numbers and work emails will eventually be shut down. We will also remain in Duluth until at least mid-June, and Marie will likely remain in Duluth through early July, depending when the house sells.


    • says

      Wow Andy, that’s awesome! That would be amazing getting to be so near Michael Hyatt and Dan Miller and all those guys. Congrats on the move! Also, I wanted to thank you for getting me to purchase the course on goal setting and course. Both have proved invaluable. I can’t believe I’ve been writing large documents for so long without Scrivener. And it’s been fun watching myself hit my goals already for this year! I’d love to come up to Sioux Falls and take you out to lunch so we can talk in person before you head south. Would that be an option?

  1. says

    My advice: pack light and be sure to mentally check out at the end of each day. Your new place should be your place of sanity and your sanctuary. Life is too short to spend too much time worrying about work. Also, whether it’s in work or in your personal life, when you’ve been given an opportunity to do nothing, sit down, shut up, and DO NOTHING! :) It’s a gift. Don’t waste it on shoulda woulda couldas!

    Best of luck, Patrick and Marie!


  2. Cameron Hubley says

    Hi! I live around the corner from you and was astounded by the snow on 19th Ave. as well. Met your new neighbor, Kristin and have always wondered about the house on the other side of you :) Good Luck to you both! I think we’re here for the long haul! -C

  3. Gordon Mesedahl says

    I am happy for you and Marie, and sad, sad to see you go! When I began my work with the Salvation Army, one of our board members encouraged me to carefully observe how people operate withing the corporate culture locally and organization-wide, for better or worse, noting what things get done, and how. He said I would find those first impressions to be largely accurate, which would be valuable to the organization as I sought ways to move the mission forward in my area of responsibility. He went on to say that after 6 months to a year that clarity would begin to fade as I became more integrated into the organization. I think there is a good bit of value in his insight, and I pass it along for your consideration. Blessings to you in all of your endeavors!

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