Resources for laid off journalists

So you’re no longer a journalist. Sorry, and Congratulations! I mean that in the best possible way. Obviously what’s happening in the industry is extremely sad and tragic, and I know it feels horrible. But trust me, your lives will go on, and in most situations, your careers will be just as fulfilling as the […]

Intriguing and useful links for travelers for week ending September 12, 2014

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Patrick’s weekly fascinating travel stories and advice from across the Web. We sift through posts about travel across the Web and pull out some of the most fascinating, useful tidbits. How to keep your data secure while roaming the earth. 1. The New York Times clocks in with a […]

Video on how to quickly get your camera phone pictures into Evernote or Scrivener.

This is the easiest way I’ve found to get your pictures somewhere that you can store them for reference. For me, that’s normally Evernote or Scrivener. I put together a video about it. Or you can read the instructions below. 1. The fastest method is to use the Evernote phone application to take the picture. […]